Mubarak Malik, “Bar”, is a former New York Knicks and Lakers Director of Performance. Throughout his career, Bar has worked with big names like the New York Knicks, the Los Angeles Lakers, Wayne Ellington, Carmelo Anthony, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Seacrest, Halle Berry and Andrew McCuthen. With a background in sports science, and his experience with nutrition, Bar developed Barcode when working for the Knicks. He saw the need for a healthier alternative to the popular sports drinks that already exist and Barcode is the first plant based performance drink on the market with added benefits and ingredients like Vitamin D, B6, B12, magnesium and adaptogens. “I spent about 2.5 years making it and then I started giving it to the players who all liked it. After some time I started bringing it to people outside of the gym and noticed that other people also liked it.”


We believe each person is born with a code.

Some call it your DNA. Others call it your path, purpose, or destiny. Regardless of its name, your code is your truth, and it’s the foundation of a life of authenticity, alignment, and achievement. Every child is born knowing their code, naturally gravitating towards the magic of who they are and the hobbies and passions intuitive to them. But too many of us are pushed away from these natural inclinations by other people and society.

Barcode is for people who are powered by their code. The Jordans. The Serenas. The Beyonces. The people driving our culture forward with a rebellious authenticity that forces the world to stop and take notice. The people who shine so bright it inspires other people to do the same. We make drinks. But our code is to inspire everyday wellness that drives each person and the world forward.



Per Bottle


Grams Of Sugar
(from coconut water)


Of Carbs




Of Your Daily
Vitamin D3 Intake


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Developed by those on the leading edge of health and wellness: the nutritionists and trainers guiding the most elite athletes of our generation. Road-tested by them, made for you.


Barcode authentically provides everyday wellness with its all-natural premium hydration beverage that is under 30 calories, enhanced with 12 vitamins and nutrients (including functional mushrooms), and free from added sugar.


The key functional ingredients in Barcode — adaptogens — help your body’s systems “adapt” to stress — so you can hit our four pillars of wellness: immunity, mood, endurance, and recovery.